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Micrologic solar power solutions brings world class solar technology to Srilanka. All Our products are of reputed brands originating from world class manufactures. Micrologic Engineers are determined to select products carefully in order to best suite and comply with the national grid and climate in Srilanka. We only deliver products that are specified by the Srilankan Sustainable Energy Authority and that allows our customers to enjoy a better, reliable and confident service from Micrologic.

We offer all our clients, the knowledge and expertise of Chartered Engineers who hold a collaborative experince of over 25 years in the industry. We believe in working with the best, so that the service you receive is 100% tailored for you.

Our Solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects are designed, keeping quality in mind. We work with the best and most requted manufactures to ensure your solution is guaranteed for a long time.

Welcome to the Energy Revolution

We are in transaitional period today, the energy produciong sources are changing hands to renewable energy sources. But a more realistic and a positive method would be harvest energy directly from the sun which is a 100% pollutant free and environmental friendly source. Mankind need to accelerate this conversion in order to reverse the pollution that has already damaged the environment.

Energy Revolution

Micrologic Prduct

Photovoltaic Modules

Micrologic products have been carefully selected by its Chartered Engineers to include the best amd quality products in order to comply with the CEB standards . the international products that Micrologic uses are produced in accordance with the international set standards and specifications.

Maximize limited space with top-end efficiency

  • up to 178w/m2 power density
  • Low thermal coefficients for greater energy productiong at high operating temperatures

Highly rellable due to stringent quality control

  • Over 30 in houses tests(UV, Tc, HF, and many more)
  • In-houe testing goes well beyond certification requirements

Certified to withstand challenging environmental

  • 2400 Pa wind load
  • 5400 Pa snow load
  • 35 mm hali stones at 97km/h
Energy Revolution
Energy Revolution

Micrologic Prduct

Microinverter Modules

Microinverter offer the most advanced inverter technology in the market which means higher production, greater reliability and more cost-effective.


  • Maximizes energy production
  • Minimizes impact of shading, dust and debris
  • Designed for a wide range of modules


  • 4th-generation product
  • More than 1 million hours of testing and millions of units shipped
  • industry-leading warranty up to 25 years


  • No high-voltage DC power on your roof
  • No GEC needed for Microinverter
  • Easy installation with Engage Cables

Micrologic Prduct

central / string inverter

A Best Practice for commercial system

Decentralizwd commercial system have been the preferred design concept in Europe and other international locations for a number of years. Micrologic is proud to bring this best practice in Sri Lanka, where integrators can take advantage of our unique experience, world-class technology and unrivaled support.

Simple & Flexible Engineering

By using standard components and methods, Micrologic is able to implement inexpensive and efficient solutions to quickly complete projects.

Tranformerless String Inverters

Micrologic supplies and delivers its customers with the most efficient and most reliable inverter topology that is available in the world.

Energy Revolution

Micrologic Prduct

Smart Monitoring System

Energy Revolution

The Smart Monitoring Module acts as the communication interface which offers the network access to the solar arrays for Monitoringa Microinventer system.

Micrologic Prduct

All in one Solar LED Street Lights

Energy Revolution

Presenting a converient and cost-effective way to light your streets at night. Micrologic Solar road and street lighting systems provide clear visibility for pedestrians and drivers, without needing AC grid access.

Micrologic Prduct

Smart Intergrated Solar LED Garden Lights

Energy Revolution

Highest efficiency Mono cristalline solar panel , with high-level durability configuration.

Customer Support

Micrologic customer service team offers effective, efficient and prompt services. remotely as well as by giving personal assistance through visits as per the need.

Customer service team operates from 8.30am to 5.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday.

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